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I have a deep passion for exploring the world around me through the lens of my camera. My love for photography goes way back to my teenage years, when my Dad set up a makeshift darkroom in our basement and I spent countless hours developing my own film. Since then, the ability to tell a story through imagery has been a constant in my life, and I've honed my skills to create visually striking and captivating images.

My work is primarily abstract in nature, with each image inviting you on a journey of discovery and imagination. Through my lens, I capture the essence of the world around us, transforming everyday scenes into vibrant and thought-provoking works of art. With each photograph, I seek to inspire and evoke emotion, create an immersive experience using colour, texture, and composition to create images that invite you to connect with the raw essence of nature and ultimately yourself on a deeper level.

Photographic Ocean Prints

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