An offering of connection.

An awareness creator.

A conversation starter.

It is my hope that you see my art from the depths of who you are, to let it impact you in ways you may not have even conceived to be possible. To create subtle shifts within, that grow into beliefs of endless possibility and a certainty of knowing there is more available for you.

Let my art be a daily reminder that every effort you make to show up as your authentic self, is all worth it.

Rose Hewartson

My art is raw.

It’s crazy, it’s wild and it’s expressive.

Each art piece is an exciting {okay sometimes scary} adventure into the unknown. I don’t choose the destination, but as I surrender to the journey and tap into my intuition, throw, splash and scribble paint, each art piece takes shape.

Some pieces go on wild and untamed expeditions, let me tell you!

Of course, I enjoy the fun, play and freedom of creative expression. I mean who wouldn't love to splash paint around like a kid.

Through my art process, I create rich textural feasts for the eyes heart and soul. Each art piece is layered in paint and meaning. Adding inspiring poems, quotes and words has been a consistent theme throughout my art career.

The message for each piece usually comes to me as I am painting.

On a deeper level, I explore what it means to be wild and free. To buck the system and say no to conformity.

Say no to the status quo.

I stand up for the individual and their right to live how they want to live.

My art is an invitation to the viewer to step into their power and embrace all that they are. To be the best version of themselves, to be brave and show up as the person they want to be in this miracle we call life.

Ever been thrown a curve ball in your life?

My painting journey began in 2017. Surprisingly, it didn't start with wanting to paint. It was a journey or awakening. You can read by clicking the button below.

My Story

And when I'm not painting ......

Camping, music, sunsets and fires, ocean swims, deep conversations and chocolate of course.

"Break Free from the Expectations of others and Live a Life that is True for You."