Rose Hewartson is an Australian {Brisbane based} Artist.

Hi, I'm Rose. Thanks for stopping by.

I am a city dwelling Aussie girl, that loves to escape to the county and adores painting cows. It’s crazy how life leads you down random paths.

If you love the unique personalities of a cow, if you love art and would love to bring your favourite animal into your home and onto your walls then you are in the right place.

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I also love to explore different styes of art and you will see that pop up every now and again, especially abstracts.

I paint intuitively and expressively {with a little adventure thrown in for good measure} as I believe those are all things we deserve to be able to do and have in our life.

I have exhibited my art in Brisbane, Melbourne and Cairns and sold throughout Australia and Internationally.

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If you are an artist who would love to discover more about abstracts, and learn to become expressively free then you can adventure with me.

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And when I'm not in my art studio ......

Camping {maybe a little painting}, camera in hand, hanging out at sunsets or campfires, enjoying deep conversations, live music and chocolate of course.

Ever been thrown a curve ball in your life?

My painting journey began in 2017. Surprisingly, it didn't start with wanting to paint. It was a journey or awakening. You can read by clicking the button below.

My Story

"If there is one thing I would love people to know more is that we are here on this earth for some crazy and wild reason. This experience of life can be magnificent, so do what you need to do to savour it, appreciate it and make the most of it"