I create from a place of deep intuition.

Every mark, every scratch, every paint stroke is created from a childlike sense of play, awe and wonder.ย 

I wish for you to embrace this sense of playfulness.

To wake up and be creatively inspired on your terms. To receive permission to seek freedom, to step outside of the box. To explore and experiment in this wild and wonderful life we call our own.ย 

I firmly believe if we all embrace life from a place of exploration, freedom, and wonder โ€ฆ it would result in something extraordinary.

If we all walked around with a little more playfulness, a little more aliveness, a little more abandon, can you imagine how awesome the world could be?


"I just want to be immersed in your art. I love it so much!. Seeing it in person gives me a whole new perspective and appreciation for it. It feels so refreshing and alive." N.B