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FALL IN LOVE with what you wake up to. Surround yourself with art that creates an impact on your energy EVERY SINGLE DAY, and match your external world to your internal world.

Let's Go Wild

You know there is more to this crazy thing called life. You are done with superficial. You gone deep. You are paving the way for others to follow. You are living a life of freedom, free from the expectations of others. You are UNSTOPPABLE.


Chase Adventure

With my art hanging in your home, you are receiving a 24hr, 7 day a week reminder of how incredible you are. To keep chasing adventure. To keep levelling up. To live a life of your own design To stay connected to your power!


Transform Your Space

If you are living an inspired life, then be inspired by everything around you from the moment you wake up.

Rose Hewartson quote
  • "Utterly In Love"

    "Rose, I am hopelessly and utterly in love with your artwork. Thank you so much for bringing such colour and brightness to my life with each piece.- Jo

  • "Courageously Striving Forward"

    I have Wild Woman Rising on my bedroom wall with the description on a mounted piece underneath .

    It makes me feel proud of all of us women who are courageously striving forward in life . Ros

  • "Energy & Freedom"

    "I have four of Rose paintings in my workspace and they are so gorgeous. 

    They all have Rose’s unique style with a sense of energy and freedom and I just adore them. "– Naomi

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