Creating Abstract Art & Prints For Your Home & Office

Remember as a child, running through the sprinkler on a hot summer's day, or racing your push bike down the local hill, tearing past Mrs M at number 3, wind through your hair, feet off the pedals, not a care in the world?

Let me take you back to that feeling with art which evokes a sense of wild and carefree.

With bold gestural strokes, experimental marks and spontaneous scribbles …I follow the impulses of my body and paint intuitively.

I create paintings that take you on a journey of discovery, where you become lost in the many layers, absorb the frequency of colour, feel the movement, and experience a sense of play and freedom.

In truth, with abstract, you have the freedom to interpret as you wish. Just know, my intention is for it to inspire you.

I am an Artist, Photographer & Passionate Encourager of Creativity, from Brisbane, Australia.

If you would love to wake up in an inspiring home, I've got you covered - there is something here for every wall in your home!

If you need permission to embrace your own creativity, I've got you.

If you have a desire to live a more fulfilled, authentic life, I will cheer you on all the way!

One of the most critical but often overlooked aspects of transforming a house into a home is adding your personal touch.

And what better way to warm up your space and make it uniquely yours than by adding vibrant colours or a dash of creativity that is unapologetically abstract.   

My art is found in homes far and wide. Distribution is available locally in Brisbane, Australia, and shipping is available Nationally as well as Internationally.


Utterly in love …

"Rose, I am hopelessly and utterly in love with your artwork. Thank you so much for bringing such colour and brightness to my life with each piece.- Jo

Wild Women Rising …

"Rose, the Wild Women Rising print is stunning. Your work is amazing.I love the way you've layered the colours and textures. Thank you so very much." – Tracey

I love that the art has an impact …

"Rose's artwork instantly attracted my eye primarily because of the gorgeous mixture of colours she uses.  I own three (& I intend to buy more). Rose's paintings sure do stand out!  I love that they have an impact—fun, bright, and with no conformity - no sticking to rules.  I hope Rose continues to paint her beautiful, colourful and vibrant artwork because I am a huge fan.  They have that feel-good factor."- J Young  

Add a vibrance to my workspace ...

"I have four of Rose paintings in my workspace and they are so gorgeous. 

People come into my room and they always ask who the artist is. 

They all have Rose’s unique style with a sense of energy and freedom and I just adore them. "– Naomi B