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Art and creativity rock! When you lay your eyes on a piece that speaks to you, freaking magic happens. Could be the colours that set your heart on fire or the texture that sends shivers down your spine, or the message that hits you deep into your bones. Whatever it is, it's YOUR experience and that is valid.

Choose an original piece that oozes texture and depth, or a high-quality print that captures every intricate detail, the impact and inspiration are always there, ready to make your home a better place. Go ahead, choose what speaks to you, what you'll love to wake up to, and let the beauty of art transform your life!

  • Best Day Ever I

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    Best Day Ever IBest Day Ever I
  • Conviction

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    Conviction - Original art piece by Rose HewartsonConviction
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Meet Rose Hewartson

My art is raw.

It’s crazy, it’s wild and it’s expressive.

Each art piece is an exciting adventure into the unknown. I don’t choose the destination, but as I surrender to the journey and tap into my intuition, throw, splash and scribble paint each art piece takes shape.

It is my hope that you see my art from the depths of who you are, to let it impact you in ways you may not have even conceived to be possible.

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  • "Utterly In Love"

    "Rose, I am hopelessly and utterly in love with your artwork. Thank you so much for bringing such colour and brightness to my life with each piece.- Jo

  • "Courageously Striving Forward"

    I have Wild Woman Rising on my bedroom wall with the description on a mounted piece underneath .

    It makes me feel proud of all of us women who are courageously striving forward in life . Ros

  • "Energy & Freedom"

    "I have four of Rose paintings in my workspace and they are so gorgeous. 

    They all have Rose’s unique style with a sense of energy and freedom and I just adore them. "– Naomi

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Brisbane Studio & Gallery

Looking back 5 years ago, would I have predicted I would have my own gallery? No way! It's crazy where life leads you when you follow your sparks of inspiration.

You can visit my Gallery and Studio at 567 Old Cleveland Road, Camp Hill Brisbane.

I am "usually" open Saturday & Sunday 10am - 2pm and all other times by appointment. Any changes, I will publish on socials, however it is best to contact me to confirm a time.

Confirm A Time