Every day, every moment in life, there is an opportunity to be inspired.

Life Is Extraordinary, You Are Extraordinary

My philosophy with my art {and life} is to explore endless possibilites. I experiment and take a "let's see" approach and let each piece evolve with it's own meaning and personality.

Meet Rose Hewartson

Hi I'm Rose, Artist and Photographer.

I started painting in 2017 after a very stressful time and some major life changes. And it's been an interesting journey of growth and transformation.

My art is crazy, it’s wild and it’s expressive. I create rich layered pieces. Each painting is like a journey into the unknown - you'll discover something new every time you look at them, guaranteed!

Through photography, I create visually striking images which allow you to connect with the world on a deeper level, and create images that'll make you feel all sorts of emotions and start some juicy conversations.

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  • "Utterly In Love"

    "Rose, I am hopelessly and utterly in love with your artwork. Thank you so much for bringing such colour and brightness to my life with each piece.- Jo

  • "Courageously Striving Forward"

    I have Wild Woman Rising on my bedroom wall with the description on a mounted piece underneath .

    It makes me feel proud of all of us women who are courageously striving forward in life . Ros

  • "Energy & Freedom"

    "I have four of Rose paintings in my workspace and they are so gorgeous. 

    They all have Rose’s unique style with a sense of energy and freedom and I just adore them. "– Naomi

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Brisbane Studio & Gallery

You can visit my Gallery and Studio at 567 Old Cleveland Road, Camp Hill Brisbane.

I am "usually" open Saturday & Sunday 10am - 2pm and all other times by appointment. Any changes, I will publish on socials, however it is best to contact me to confirm a time.