New Portrait Series Featuring Women - I SEE YOU

New Portrait Series Featuring Women - I SEE YOU

I’m sooooooo freaking excited to show you my first ever oil portrait painting and my first in a new collection of paintings I am creating in my “I See You” collection.

So many marks, so many layers. As you know I am very passionate about women living up to their Full Potential. And that that potential is waaaaaay more than we have been led to believe.

Deep within the tapestry of every woman is a rich story.

A story of pain and vulnerability.

A story of bravery and triumph.

A story that has evolved with each generation before her.

There comes a time though, when it’s time to rewrite the end of this story as we know it. To always honour our experiences and the experiences of those who have paved the way before us.

But now it’s time to set free the chains of the past and create a new future.

A future that honours the essence of who you are.

The strength of woman





This painting, the first in this series is called “Forever Seen”.


Portrait oil painting of a strong woman

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