That time I did an art show.

It was one of those epiphany moments where I decided to do an open studio at my home to show off my artwork.

November 2019 was it.

Showing off my artwork does not come easily for me. Actually showing off anything does not come easily for me, however I had been painting for a year or more and the paintings had been building up. I had also being doing a lot of personal growth, and a whole ton of meditating so was at the point where I felt more settled about people staring at my art, and me!

On the evening, I set up a canvas on an easel with some pastels and stamps and paint markers, etc.and invited everyone to create on this canvas, anything that they felt called to create.


And the purpose was to encourage play.

I've noticed since I've started painting, that a lot of people say they don't paint, or they're not artistic and not creative.

And I know from everything that I've done and read, and learned that we're all creative. Creative by default of being born.

It's just gotten a bit lost.

Lost in the busyness of life. Loss through the schooling system (don’t get me started), lost in societal expectations and standards.

Part of what I'd love to do going forward, is to encourage people to be more creative and to help people unlock their innate creativity.

The first person that came to my house that day was my beautiful friend Jodie who was a nursing friend I had known since my early 20's.

We had a lot of fun in the operating theatre together.

Jodie made the first marks on the canvas (sometimes the hardest to do), and seemed to set the tone with her encouraging words. I love that she smudged it after writing. Following that were many beautiful messages and marks.


Fast forward to a month ago when after many layers I finished the art piece. And of course needed to name it.

I felt so supported and encouraged on the night of my show, I decided to name the painting "It takes a village".

I hadn't seen the underneath of the painting for quite a while because I've been painting over it layer by layer. Even though I knew there was many beautiful messages in there, I'd actually forgotten what they were but luckily I've I had been taking photos along the way to record each stage.


I am looking through the images to post this final piece online and wanted to include some of the progress shots. I looked at the very first message that my beautiful friend Jodie wrote, which was "you never stand alone."



And that's exactly how it felt when I held my art show.

So I really feel "It takes a village" is the most perfect name for this piece.

I have so much gratitude for everyone that was there that day, and everyone that has supported me and along the way.


So finally - Here is the final painting which is full of so much beautiful energy, so many beautiful messages and many many layer.



It takes a village-1G4A1776-2.jpg


Some of the messages from the first layer made it onto the top layer in a different form.


This art It Takes A Village was sold through Ninbella Gallery in Bangalow NSW.


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