Inspiration For Painting Abstract Cows

Inspiration For Painting Abstract Cows

I am obsessed with painting abstract cows. {who else loves being obsessed about things?}

What is interesting is that I didn't start my life loving animals. 🐎🐮🐶🐱🦝🐷

In fact, I still struggle with some.

Especially the small scurrying kind 🙈 and dogs. They have to be super cute and teddy bear-looking for me to connect with. It's a safety thing for sure. I was bitten by a dog as a young girl, so there are some residual feelings there which I am working on.

As a kid, I wouldn't feed a horse a carrot; I was too scared. It was only recently that I've been able to connect with some of them in a way that feels nurturing. Cows, I started photographing first before painting them. And that felt safe. They would stand there, chewing, starting with their big goggly eyes and just hang out while I took a million photos. They felt calm and protective.


Then I did equine therapy and overcame my fear of horses. That was a game changer. Equine therapy was one of my favorites, and I've done a lot of coaching and therapy over the years. You have to when you go through a lot of stress. Well, I suppose you don't have to; I chose to. Now I choose to do it for personal growth and expansion. And I freaking love it. It's also what makes me a better coach for others as well.


Anyway, I had the most amazing experience while camping at a small farm lately. I was able to get up close and personal with so many of them, photographing them, patting them and generally being around them without the fear that I grew up with. It was a beautiful healing experience.

And it gave me sooooooo much painting inspiration as well. Being able to paint an animal that you have patted and started into the eyes of is a beautiful way to reconnect with nature, animals and yourself. And I can't wait to experience more of these moments in my future.

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