Brisbane Art Workshop Unleash Your Creative Potential

Brisbane Art Workshop Unleash Your Creative Potential

The first art workshop in my Brisbane Gallery Space was a hit and it was so beautiful to see people experience art in its purest form. Everyone deserves to feel creatively expressed in whatever level they desire and to facilitate that experience through the processes I have developed not only in my art career. It's also a culminate of my knowledge from being a Holistic Art Therapist, Life Coach, Heart Math Facilitator and NLP Practitioner. 


Overall, the workshop helped me gain confidence in my artistic abilities and inspired me to explore new techniques and approaches. I would highly recommend this workshop to any aspiring or seasoned artists looking to improve their skills and connect with fellow creatives. Finally, I am grateful for Rose and her paintings as they bring me so much joy and peace. Sarah 





Thanks so much again Rose! I had the best time, really sunk into my flow and was able to enjoy experimenting and having fun with art again 😊 Also, I was staring at my painting at home and decided to turn it on its side and I LOVE it in portrait! So cool to have stepped into the mindset of no right or wrong (I am feeling this even as I am making dinner right now, and it makes the whole process a lot more enjoyable haha). I feel very grateful and inspired 😊 Thank you so much,Georgia

Hi Rose, just wanted to send you a message regarding your most recent Workshop!
It was such an amazing and eye opening experience, especially for someone like me who never really picks up a pen or brush and makes art. It was a unique experience letting go of any rules to art and just painting. You provided a calm and relaxed environment and I know everyone felt so welcome. To anyone considering attending one of rose’s workshops, I can’t urge you enough to take the opportunity. Thanks again! Dom

So as you can see, a lot of fun, and creativity was had while in the learning process of expressin and tapping into our creative potential. If you are looking for an Art Workshop that doesn't teach you a "prescriptive' method of painting ie the opposite of the common paint and sip, then this is the workshop you would love to attend. I will be holding more art workshops in Brisbane in the future so stay tuned and you can add yourself to my email list here to be notified of dates.

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