Australian Dairy Conference Melbourne 2024

Australian Dairy Conference Melbourne 2024

Heading from Brisbane to Melbourne with a van full of art, {and one of my best friends along for the experience} for the Australian Dairy Conference, I found myself surrounded by a landscape teeming with artistic inspiration and agricultural heritage. I travelled down the Newell Highway - a road I had travel many many times as a child as all our family holidays were from the Gold Coast to Melbourne.

We arrived in Dubbo for our first stop and were grateful for a lovely hotel for the night.

The next morning we left Dubbo with excitement bubbling as we decided to get a bit touristy and vist the iconic Dish at Parkes.

Rediscovering iconic landmarks like The Dish sparked up childhood memories, setting the stage for the days ahead.

A very early start we continued to cover a lot of the country roads and combined our long travels with epic stops.

Along the way, stumbling upon cozy cafes and local artisans added an authentic touch to our travels. From personalised greeting cards in Wagga Wagga to serene moments by the river in Wodonga, each stop hinted at the broader themes of community and connection that would unfold at the conference.

In Shepparton, exploring the Moooving Art installation sparked reflections on the fusion of art and agriculture—a motif resonating throughout the conference. Transitioning to Melbourne, the city's vibrant energy provided a stark contrast to the rural landscapes left behind. Amidst the bustling streets, spots like Degraves Street and the Block Arcade served as reminders of Melbourne's dynamic cultural tapestry—a reflection of the diverse voices and perspectives at the conference.



It was such an exciting time to set up at the amazing Crown Casino Conference Centre. I met many amazing people from the Dairy Industry and ended up being interviewed by Australian Country News. 

The even events were supberb with the biggest and best cheese platter I have ever seen {of course}.

The conference's final day was marked by stirring speeches, enriching conversations, and unexpected connections. From discussions on sustainability to insights into the future of the dairy industry, each session reinforced the interconnectedness of art, agriculture, and community.

Sharing my own artistic journey, I found common ground with dairy farmers, exchanging stories of resilience and innovation. I donated one of my paintings to the auction which raised $5000 for the Ukraine Dairy Association—a tangible testament to the conference's ethos of collaboration and support.

As I bid farewell to Melbourne and the Australian Dairy Conference, I carry with me memories not only of art and agriculture but also of renewed purpose and camaraderie. In the convergence of these seemingly disparate worlds, I discovered a shared commitment to creativity, sustainability, and community. Continuing my artistic journey, I'm grateful for the chance to have been part of this enriching experience—a journey that transcended boundaries and united us in our shared passion for art, agriculture, and a brighter future for all.

Stay tuned for more art exhibitions in the future. If you have a space anywhere in Australia and would like to showcase my art, don't hesitate to reach out. I'm deeply passionate about my art and creativity, and showcasing my work and engaging with people is an incredible way to share that passion.

You can view my latest paintings HERE 

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