Artist Studio | Behind The Scenes | The Best Day Ever Paintings

Artist Studio | Behind The Scenes | The Best Day Ever Paintings

Let me introduce you to Best Day Ever I and II

As is usually the case the titles to these pieces came to me as I was in the middle of painting them. 

And as you can see by the photo above I wrote it on there LOUD AND CLEAR. 

What was I thinking about at the time?

The beach. The ocean. Ice Cream. What a combo!

Sultry summer days, delicious, refreshing and invigorating swims in the crystal clear ocean followed by the cool sweet taste of a strawberry ice cream cone, and rushing to eat it before it melts down your arm.

One of these days recently was at Coogee beach for me, south of Sydney and the other was recently at Burleigh Heads. That day I left Brisbane at 4am, so worth it!

As then as day draws to a close, there's something undeniably special about sitting back and watching the breathtaking sunset. Nowhere to be. Nothing to do. The sky is filled with vibrant hues of pink and orange and the sun disappears behind the mountains. {or the ocean if you are in Perth!}

You've had one of those days haven't you?

Where you would love to go back and repeat it over and over.

The thing is, it would never be the same.

Because you are never the same. 

What is possible though is to know yourself better and better every day. 

So that you can go ahead and create the Best Day Ever, over and over.


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