Why You Need To Create Ugly Art

Why You Need To Create Ugly Art

Why You Need To Create Ugly Art


Why You Need To Create Ugly Art 

'Ugly Art' doesn't sound like something anyone wants to create, but I am going to make an argument for why you need to create ugly art and see if I can convince you it's a good thing!

I tend to harp on about societal conditioning and constructs. That is because now that I have become aware of it, I see it everywhere.

Part of my mission is to guide people back to their authentic self so they can make their own decisions and create their own belief systems on what they believe to be true.

My belief is that we are creative by default and yes, some more than others and also in varying ways. It may not always be in art. That being said, if you have any desire at all to paint, draw, collage or craft, then I would love to encourage you in that direction.

The more you practice creativity the more you are rewarded creatively.

I believe if you are willing to create ugly art, then you are letting go of any expectations and can embody the benefits of pure creation.

As soon as we put an expectation on ourselves, the creative process can halt. You know that feeling, right?

Creativity is not about the result. If we need a result in life (which is part of the way we were raised), I would like to help you reframe the result.

Can you think about creativity in a different light?


Why You Need To Create Ugly Art


What are the benefits of creating ugly art?

Joy is the result.

Freedom is the result.

Feeling alive is the result.

Taking risks is the result.

Pleasure is the result.

Self awareness is the result.

Expression is the result.

Decreased stress is the result.

PLAY is the result.

People ask me how I create abstracts. The honest answer - I don't always know. What I do know is that it starts with play and fun and following my intuition.

If you would like to explore your own creativity with paint, I encourage you to grab some cheap paints and paper and start playing. Paint like you are a four year old in kindergarten!

Put on some instrumental music to get yourself into your right brain and just start playing. That is the absolute best way to start.

And remember, no result is needed. No cityscape, no bird, no landscape, nothing. Just paint. And if you get stuck or lost, tap into your four year old self!


Why You Need To Create Ugly Art


So I hope I have explained why you need to create ugly art and inspired you to make a start! Let me know how you go with it your 'ugly art' creations. 


If you would like to be guided on this journey I offer CREATIVE ART SESSIONS to unleash your own inner creative. You can find the details HERE.


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