I have had many questions about framing so I wanted to give you a little insight.
If you purchase a print from me it will need framing. If you purchase an original art piece on paper or unstretched canvas it will also need framing.
I don't want framing to be confusing for you, so I wanted to detail a couple of options.
Always the best and simplest option is to get your art or print professionally framed. You will have the choice of frame colour, matt colour and size. It's a set and forget, all looked after type of scenario.
If you are in Australia and don't want the hassle of searching for a framer, I can arrange framing on request.
Purchase a premade frame and frame it yourself. If you have purchased one of my prints, then it should be pretty easy to find one. All my prints are in standard sizes and have white borders. So all you need is a frame the exact size of your print, and it will look top notch. 
The hardest part with this is to choose your colour - black, white, oak, or something else? My favourite at the moment is oak, I just love how it sets off the artwork without taking your eye away from it. And it doesn't matter if your home decor style is modern boho, traditional, contemporary or Hamptons, an oak frame can suit. 
If you are purchasing original unstretched art - or if you want something different than a standard frame for your print then I have a clever hack for you. 
Find a premade frame bigger than your artwork and have a matt custom made to fit around the edges. Make sure you allow enough room for a decent size matt. To get a custom matt made is very reasonably priced, and a clever way to get the best of both worlds.
I hope this helps you in some way. If you have any further questions, comment below or send me a message and I will see if I can help. 

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