How To Make Decisions Quickly

How To Make Decisions Quickly

I used to have immense difficulty making decisions. 

And a ton of women I meet have difficulty making decisions.

I believe this is due to a couple of main reasons 

1. A fear of being wrong

2. Not trusting yourself

I feel when choosing a piece of art, you will be the happiest when your decision comes from the heart.

So I have a couple of tips for you. This can be super helpful when deciding on a particular art piece if you are feeling overwhelmed or indecisive in any way and this concepts will help you in all your decisions going forward, not just around art. And when you can make decisions for yourself easily you save SO MUCH TIME and ANGST! 

So the goal here is to get you connected back to your heart and your intuition. 

Let me first explain why that may not be natural for you right now. 

We are raised in a society where we need to ask persmission for a lot of things, right from a young age. And sure that serves a purpose of course, safety and all that. But we are also raising in a children where we are not giving them the autonomy they can actually handle at a young age. 

We tend to make their decisions for them.

We are also constantly reminding children to be careful, stay safe, be careful of strangers. And again an element of awareness is great, but it's a fine balance, as we are subconsciously giving out the message that the world isn't safe and they are not capable of handling theirself.

Yes these are gross generalisations so of course don't apply in all families in all situations. 

So the possible beliefs that we store in our subconscious are 

1. I am not safe

2. I can't trust myself

3. I need someone to help me decide

Amongst others of course.

And these can be so subtle we don't realise we have them.


So let's get you connected to your heart 🧡 and make decisions waaaay easier. 

Sit or lie somewhere comfortable. 

Put your attention onto your heart.

Close your eyes and take 5 breaths in and 5 slow breaths out and imagine these breaths going in and out our your heart.

Smile at the same time. 

Keep breathing slowly. 

Now thing of a time in the past when you feel complete and utter joy, or love.

Now imagine your heart energy expanding and filling the whole room, your whole house, your whole suburb, you whole country and then the whole world.

Now that you are in your heart space, ask yourself a question and listen for the very FIRST answer that comes to you. 

That very first answer is your intuition speaking. 

Quite often we will get that first answer and then your conscious mind will kick in and steamroll over the top so be VERY aware of this.

If you would love to live a more intuitively guided life, then follow your intuition more and more and it will happen. 

Now this practice above does not need to be just for making decisions. It is something that if you practice it every single day, you will feel more connected to yourself.

And that is always a good thing.

I hope you have enjoyed this and decision making abilities are fine tuned going forward. Now go ahead and have a look around my website and let's get to know each other. You are always able to get in touch with me if you have any questions. My contact form is the best place for that.

Now you can head over to see my latest art collection HERE. 


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Love the breathe visualisation to the heart

Ros Andre

Thanks so much Teresa, I love that you are too!

Rose Hewartson

I have started Enjoying!!! your Blog, wow!! I’m incredibly excited to be on this journey with U R🌸SE, absolutely wonderful reading..

Teresa Platten

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