How To Choose The Right Size Art For Your Home

How To Choose The Right Size Art For Your Home

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How To Choose The Right Size Art For Your Home

A beautiful, colourful piece of artwork adds personality and vibrant energy to your home.

Whether it's original art, a print or a framed photograph, it's important to get the size and positioning right so it works well with your interior decor and looks harmonious to the eye.

Here are some things to help you decide how to choose the right size art for your home.


1. Assess the room

Consider how big your room is, where the furniture sits, where the window coverings are, how 'busy' the room is and how much blank space you have to play with. 

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2. Size up your wall

Measure up your wall and make sure your art work will fit! It's obvious that a tiny painting hanging on a huge wall looks odd. Use large statement pieces in the living areas and bedrooms and smaller art for hallways and bathrooms. 

A general rule of thumb is that an artwork or artworks look best when they take up around two thirds of your wall space. You can use paper or tape in the artwork's dimensions to help you visualise how it will work in the space. 

3. How's the orientation?

Consider the shape of the space you have. If you have a narrow wall space between windows, a portrait orientation will work better.

Artwork above furniture or mantelpieces will often look best with landscape orientation. Make sure any artwork is placed at least 10 centimetres above furniture. 

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3. Add more 

If you love a smaller sized art work but it just won't work in your space, consider adding two, three or more similar pieces. A 'gallery' look can be really interesting.

Stick with the same artist or the same colour scheme. My "Heart on Fire" series of original abstract art is designed to work beautifully together in your home.

 Colourful modern abstract art set

"Weekend Adventure"

4. Eyes on your art

Hang your artworks at eye-level (roughly 1.5m from the bottom of your wall). If it's too high, it will be harder to gaze at and enjoy. Consider the height of your ceilings as well as the length of your space. 


5. In the frame

The framing of your piece will also affect the size, so don't forget to factor it in. I offer frames for my prints if you are in Australia, in natural oak that are made from sustainably sourced timber.,

"Beat Of My Own Drum"

6. Trust your instincts

At the end of the day, your art work has to look pleasing to you! So play around with the positioning until you feel it's just right for you. 

Don't be afraid to break all the rules and go with your heart. Artwork that's positioned off-centre can also work as long as there are other elements to balance it out. You can also put artwork on benches, sideboards and bedside tables!

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"Every Night"


I hope these tips have helped you consider some factors when choosing the right size art for your home. 

If you love one of my original artworks or prints, I am always happy to help you with sizing and placement in your home and I can even do a mock up image of your space. 

For more tips on choosing art, download my free guide, 7 QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF BEFORE BUYING ART ONLINE.


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