How I Package A Stretched Canvas Art Piece Abstract Art

How I Package A Stretched Canvas Art Piece Abstract Art

Sending art through the post or a courier is nothing to take lightly. The last thing I want to hear is that your treasured purchase arrived to your place in a damaged condition. That is a little heartbreaking to think about, and has never happened to be so - touch wood!

When selling art, the packing process has to be considered carefully. There is a lot that goes into protecting an art piece when going through the courier system. We can never fully predict what trials and tribulations it will encounter along the way. 

I just thought I would take you through the process of my packaging and what goes into packing an art piece on stretched canvas. 

First before the packaging starts, your art piece will be named and signed and hangers and wire are attached to the back so when it arrives at your home it is ready to hang! Nobody wants to wait any longer to get their piece up on their wall. 

Your painting is also given several layers of varnish for UV protection (provides extra fading protection against direct sunlight)  as well as an easy way to wipe off any dust.

Then comes the wrapping. 

You art will be wrapped in brown paper and tied up with string. I have been a fan of brown paper for about 30 years, often choosing it to wrap Christmas Presents for my family over coloured Christmas Paper. There is a reminiscent feel about it to me, reminding me of sitting a the kitchen table wrapping school books with my Mum. 

Next are several layers of paper honeycomb "bubble wrap". This provides your art with some cushioning and protection within the box. I have chosen this wrap over plastic bubble wrap - well for the clear reason it's less plastic that is getting used. It is also sustainable and recyclable - that's three ticks from me. Oh and again there is that brown paper feel.  So much better than plastic. 

Now the box!

With many layers of cushioning - you art is now placed in its box.

I either use double walled cardboard boxes, or a single layered box with an extra layer of cardboard. It depends on the size of your art. Boxes for my larger pieces are all double walled.  I just like to have that added protection for those rare wayward accidents. Extra brown paper is added to that your art is kept sure and won't move around. Your box will be taped with a strong tape to secure all the edges and corners. 

So now your art has many layers of protection it is addressed to you and clearly marked FRAGILE (many many times over). A courier is booked and it is sent on its way. Once it has been collected a tracking number will be emailed to you so you can wait not so patiently at the gate for its arrival. 

For extra peace of mind, all art is covered for shipping so in the unlikely even that it does arrived damaged, I will provide a replacement or refund. Photos need to be taken and documented and emailed to me ASAP. 

I hope that helps a little to understand the process. Here is a little sped up video of me packing a smaller piece. I needed to speed it up because it actually takes quite a while to pack ( even longer for the large abstracts ) and nobody has time to sit and watch that process! 

I hope that helps you understand the process and feel reassured that every effort goes into making sure your art piece arrives safe and sound. 

If you have any questions, leave a comment or CONTACT ME HERE 

Rose x



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Thanks so much Greg, I am so happy you found it helpful! and thanks for sharing. Rose

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