How To Buy Art Online - 5 Top Tips

How To Buy Art Online - 5 Top Tips


Buying art has never been easier with the option to purchase online. We now have access to artists all across the world!

However, it can be a little bit daunting, so I thought I would share with you my best tips on how to buy art online. 

I didn't grow up with the internet, did you?

When I was at school, computers were just starting to enter our libraries. So we learnt some very basic coding. 

Gosh, we had no idea what our future held back then did we. 

And yes, I am giving away my age. 

So if you are anything like me, you might be a little unsure of buying online. Especially something like art. 

I get it.

I really do.

I like to speak to a person actually. You know, phone calls.

Especially for valuable purchases.

So here are some tips on where to start when you are looking at buying art online:

1. Decide on your style.

Are you looking for a colourful, modern abstract? Do you even know your style?

If you are not sure, go with your gut feeling. What speaks to you? It's that first instinct, that first hit of excitement when when you see something. 

2. Decide on your budget.

If original artwork is out of your price range, you may want to consider a high quality print. However if you really fall in love with something, price may become less of a priority!! 

3. Consider what type of artist you would like to support.

When you are purchasing an art piece you are purchasing a little piece of someone for your home. Not just their painting, but their values as well. There is a connection with the artist that created that piece.

It's a very different experience than purchasing something from your local homeware store, where you don't know who created the piece.

Are you interested in female artists, local artists or indigenous artists? 

4. Do some initial research online.

Find some artists you resonate with. Follow them on Pinterest and Instagram and sign up to their newsletters. You will be able to find out more about them, what is behind their art and creations and what their purpose is.

Usually there is a benefit to being on the artists' email list, and a lot will offer new work to their subscribers first. So you will be first in the loop for new releases, sales and special offers.

5. Found a piece you are ready to purchase?

There are seven questions you should ask yourself before buying any artwork. 

I have these questions (and answers!) for you in my free guide.  


This guide "Seven Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Art" guide will help you avoid the common mistakes when it comes to buying art online. You can check off the seven things to consider and be really confident in your decision before making that investment!

Considering one of my artworks for your home? 

You are always welcome to contact me personally! I can send you more images, and even some video of the piece.

You can also send me a photo of where you are thinking of placing the art in your home and I can do a "mockup" image for you.  Getting a visual of the artwork in your home can make all the difference in making a decision.  

I hope these tips have helped you feel more confident about how to buy art online and inspired you start seeking out the perfect artwork for your home. 

Get in touch if you any further queries. I would love to help you!

I can change this to be your room with any of my artworks! 

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