Let me introduce to you Melbourne Artist Leah Mariani.
Through the eyes of a woman and mother, Leah questions female oppression and through the heart of an artist, she finds her love for creating meaningful pieces of art. Leah Mariani is intrigued with the subject of what makes people behave the way they do. She uses art to express her perspectives and she finds solace in painting.

Talking with Leah was a pleasure and we broached on many subjects. She has a gentle and calm presence alongside a strong resolve - both of which are mirrored in her art. 
Leah enjoyed art at school and had to choose between accounting and art for tertiary education. Similar to many, Leah went for the "sensible" option - accounting.
After finishing her university studies, life sucked Leah into the treadmill of the corporate world. Exhausting workload and long office hours took a toll on her; which eventually forced her to leave her artistic interests in the corner. She took a 10 year-long break from art. Nonetheless, deep-rooted creativity stayed within her.

Years after, with her first-born in hand, she undertook an Arts Degree. It served as an anarchic outlet amid her chaotic routine- changing nappies, bathing her baby and sleepless nights. She needed a channel to maintain her own identity and an avenue to express herself. She also understands that as humans we like to make our mark on the world, and art feeds our basic need for expression, and processing of our inner world.

Today, Leah works in a small, light-filled studio in her beautiful Melbourne home. And yes, like a lot of Artists (myself included) she desires a larger studio to create. Her studio is decorated with vision boards, and various paper pieces and inspiration images. She produces a myriad of beautiful paintings. In 2019 alone, her works of art have been exhibited in seven different art fairs. She has also been shortlisted for multiple Australian Art Awards including the Marie Ellis Drawing Prize, Lethbridge 10,000, Agendo and the Metro Art Prize.
Leah’s work centres on feminine repression; and explores the theme of motherhood and childhood which is close to home for many. Even though her art has a deep and bold message, it conveys a modern and calm aesthetic too. Leah’s works are exquisitely layered with screen printing, oil paints and paper collage. She has a number or series which can all be found on her website under Art Series - Link below.

Leah’s work can be found here https://www.leahmariani.com/ and if you are in Melbourne I can highly recommend checking out her work which is currently on display at the ART UNEARTHED EXHIBITION in Melbourne until the 20th of March. CLICK HERE for details.

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