Australian Abstract Landscape  | Journey To Tomorrow

Australian Abstract Landscape | Journey To Tomorrow

Last November I held my second open studio. Do you remember?

I adore any opportunity to reawaken your inner creative. So at my Open Studio, I had a canvas there for anyone and everyone to have a play on. I set it out with paint pens, crayons etc. 

Some people were drawn to it like a duck to water, (it was a large canvas so very inviting), and some avoided it and then there were a few tentative souls who edged past their inner critic and had a play. 

It is such and exciting experience to witness the shift from "I am not creative" to "mmmm okay, I can play". 


As you can see, the base was laid for my next painting. And it was FULL of energy. As usual, I didn't have any particular plan for this painting. And to be perfectly honest, I was a bit overwhelmed with starting on it.  I reverted back to my own advice and started playing. And it went through so many layers and changes. 

And interestingly, it ended up as an abstract landscape. Not something I expected but after my month long solo van trip and a recent landscape painting workshop, the feeling of being in nature has been embedded in my bones. 

Come January 2021, I submitted this painting into an Abstract Exhibition with the Petrie Terrace Gallery in Brisbane. What is even more exciting is that I received a lovely surprise of a Highly Commended Award. 

So I have to THANK YOU! Because those of you who contributed to this painting have imprinted their creative energy into it. At it will be there forever. And that is no SMALL thing!


Sometimes I have the foresight to video my art process, so here is a brief video of the process of how it turned into a landscape. I normally speed up my videos but I have left some of this one at normal speed as I think this one is quite beautiful in it's stillness. Especially with the rain!





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