International Women's Day - 2022 - Brisbane Art Gallery.

International Women's Day - 2022 - Brisbane Art Gallery.

I was so excited to host this amazing event in Brisbane at my Art Gallery this year. I am super passionate about supporting and celebrating women, and this was the perfect time for me to bust out of any fear of public speaking and say what I wanted to say for a long time. 

I am so proud of this event and all the beautiful women, two beautiful men who came to support me. 

I also had the support of Life Coach Michelle Payne, Spiritual Mentor Helen Joy Butler, Tarot Guide Lulu Fletcher and Massage Therapist Naomi Bell {also my bestie and help for any gallery hanging, tidying, and general support I need!}.

My speech was around 10 minutes so I won't write it all here however I will give you an overarching message ....



Each one of us inextricably unique. 

And we are here, for whatever weird and wonderful reason, to experience this existence in the human form. 

And none of us truely know what is next. 

So let’s throw mediocre out the window. 

And start asking, what more is there available to me? 



Start to question 



Get inspired 

Let yourself be passionate.

Let yourself be obsessed.

Let yourself be compassionate 

Go deeper. 

Allow yourself to feel. 


Have fun

Find your courage

Stretch your comfort zone

Start using your voice

Speak up for yourself

Stand up for yourself 

Stand up for your children 

Engage your inner power 

And women, you really need to hear this.

You are so much stronger, and so much more powerful than you have been led to believe. 

Find the extraordinary in the ordinary. 

And Do whatever it takes to make the most of this miracle we call life. 

And Live life like it’s the adventure of a lifetime. 

Because it is.


I hope you enjoyed this message and I look forward to seeing you in my gallery in the future, maybe for International Women's Day, maybe to look at my art or maybe for an art workshop. Who knows! 


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