I haven’t always been an artist

Or have I?
I have a strong belief that we are all artists in our own right, but as far as visual art goes, no I haven’t.
I started painting in 2017, during a time of high stress and after an amazing guided visual meditation that led me to where I am today.
I have however been creative through my whole life.
Always creating something, from screen printing and hobbytex as a kid to cooking and hand painted ceramics as an adult.
My first way of earning an income from my creativity was in makeup artistry.
Which was a bit hilarious, because I had never really been into makeup.
But it served me well for a few years until I became hooked on photography.
And I worked as a wedding, family, newborn and food photographer. And I loved it.
And then life changed.
Lots of stress and changes with my second child which I won’t delve into here, but lets just MASSIVE Curveball!
So I started painting.
I needed a creative outlet.
I started with seascapes.

And transitioned a year later to abstract art and have never looked back.
The freedom and joy that I feel in the place of pure authentic expression is magical.

I love the journey I have  been on to get where I am today.
I wouldn’t be able to create the way I do, if I didn’t have the experiences I had. And had done the personal growth I had done.
I am so passionate about authentic expression - whatever that means to me and whatever that means to you.
We don’t all need to be visual artists. But we do all need to express creatively in our own unique ways.
To feel creatively free and empowered.
For you it might be how you dress, or how you decorate your home. Choosing art you love for your home is your own form of creative expression.
Your style is your creative expression.
Your colour choices are your creative expression.
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