How to Unlock Your Creative Potential

How to Unlock Your Creative Potential

How to Cultivate Creativity

Creativity might be seen as something you have or don't have but you can learn how to cultivate more creativity in your life and unleash your potential through that process.

A lot of people associate creativity with art but that's not actually the full story.

Art is a creative pursuit for sure, but creativity can be embedded into so many aspects of our lives. It can be seen in the way we cook, the way we operate a business, in the way we spend our money and in the way we make our home our home.

I believe as humans we all are born innately creative. It only takes an hour of watching a child play to grasp that concept. 

Sadly, societal conditioning and the system of schooling is not kind to our creativity. We get led down a path of prescription - getting told what to learn and when. It only takes watching children in the classroom to see that that is not they would innately choose to do. 

So there starts the suppression. 

I often wonder what would have been discovered or invented without the school system telling us what to learn. 

Ahhhh, so what can you do about it for yourself now?

Well it depends on what you would like to achieve.  However there are some things you can do that will help you ignite the creative part of your brain.

Ready to  knock your socks off and unleash the creativity in you?

Let's gooooooo!


1. Break Some Habits

Start doing simple, new things like using your opposite hand to brush your teeth, or drive a different route to work, or go somewhere new for lunch.


2. Get into nature

Get outside, sans technology. Walk slowly on the beach, in the rainforest, down at the local park and engage your senses. Listen for the sounds, feel the wind or sunshine on your skin, look at the trees moving the clouds. Smell the air. You get the jist.


3. Get into your body

So many of us are disconnected from our bodies and don't really know how to properly feel. Moving and dancing is a great way to connect back to our bodies and wake it up. Put on your favourite music and jump, shaaaaake, and dance your little heart out. 

How to cultivate creativity

4. Play with art

Get out the kids' paints and crayons and just starting playing. Channel your 4 year old self and give it a shot. You are not trying to be an artist here. Just have fun.


5. Breathe slowly

Lie or sit down and slow down your breathing. This gets you into a parasympathetic state that calms your nervous system. An overactive nervous system definitely hampers creativity 

See if you can integrate these some of these into your daily life. Just one thing a day is all you need to start with to help reawaken your creativity. I would love to hear how you go with it, so please get in touch and share with me!

You might notice that new ideas and thoughts start popping into your awareness! The next step is to be brave enough to follow those thoughts.

But that's a post for another day.... !

Practice these ideas regularly and you will be surprised at how creative you start to feel. Your potential is limitless,

If you feel like you need some more guidance to work out how to cultivate creativity in you, come along to one of my Art Workshops or take my free 3 day  challenge, 3 Days to Get Unfunked. You will be unlocking and feeling creatively free in no time! 


Rose xx 




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