Brisbane Art Exhibition - Brisbane Powerhouse

Brisbane Art Exhibition - Brisbane Powerhouse

Recent exhibition at the Brisbane Powerhouse November 2023

I was deciding whether to exhibit my abstracts or my cows, and I am so glad I chose the cows as it was great to see them all together lined up in a row. 

Setting up for the exhibition was quite a processing having to organise the hanging system in a space that had beautiful brick walls but nowhere to hang art. It was a privilege to exhibit in such a beautiful space and get to talk to so many amazing people who came from far and wide. 





I was invited to this exhibition by local Artist Fiona Endermann, and if you ever have the opportunity to co-exhibit with another artist, I highly recommend giving it a go. Creating art and running an art business is a very solitary practice and it was a great experience to be able to bounce ideas off each other and share the load.



Stay tuned for more art exhibitions from me in the future. I have something exciting planned for Melbourne next year, and who knows after that. If you have a space anywhere in Australia anD would like to see my art in it, then hit me up and we can work something out. 

I am very passionate about my art and creativity and the world valuing both so exhibiting art and talking to people is a great way to do that. 



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