If I told you that creating art could lead you to feel more freedom and self expression in other areas of your life would you believe me?

I have a motto - Art is LIfe - Life is Art

What happens in one area, transfers to the other.

It has happened for me so many times, I have lost count.

My mission is to guide women back to their authentic self, so they can make their own decisions, and create their own belief systems on what they believe to be true.

So they can live a live they want and desire. 

That is what freedom is to me.

I tend to harp on about societal conditioning and constructs. ( ask my friends!) The thing is, now that I have become aware of it, I see it EVERYWHERE.

MY BELIEF is that we are ALL creative. Just by default of being born. I mean look at the human race. Seriously. How can any of us NOT be creative.

Sadly, creativity is suppressed in a lot of us, and we also have the belief that we "are not creative". Part of this is due to the values of our education system and also for being reprimanded for doing the "wrong thing". As children up until the age of around eight, our brain is receiving subconscious programming from the adults around us. (Not their fault by the way - they mostly don't realise either)

And just so you know, creativity doesn't have to always mean painting or drawing.

That being said, if you have any desire at all to paint, draw, collage, craft, then I would love to encourage you in that direction. The more you practice art of any kind the more you are rewarded creatively.

I love to help people let loose in their art. Undo all that "stuckness" that has built up in their system. Our bodies hold on to so much.

I love to help people reframe what it means to create. 

I believe if you are willing to make a mess, create ugly art, then you are letting go of expectations, and can embody the benefits of pure creation.

Creativity doesn't need to be about the result. 

So much growth can happen when it isn't.

However if you would like to think in way of results - because it is hard to undo all our patterns in one moment, let's reframe the result that art and creativity can achieve. 

Joy is the result.

Freedom is the result.

Feeling alive is the result.

Taking risks is the result.

Pleasure is the result.

Self awareness is the result.

Expression is the result.

Decreased stress is the result.

Happiness is the result.

Relaxation is the result.


Think about that and how it could that benefit you in your life? 

If you are willing, go out and grab yourself some inexpensive paints and paper and start making a mess.  You might feel uncomfortable at first, which is totally okay.

Tap into how your three year old self would have felt with a bunch of paint and paper in front of her. 

Have fun and play. 

If you would like to be guided through this process I conduct workshops of up to 8 women in Brisbane (Australia). If you would like to be notified when they will be opening up next, you can contact me here.

If you are further afield, I am in the stages of preparing for some online offerings - you can also contact me for more information. 


Rose xx

In the meantime - go get inspired 


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