5 Key Benefits To Journal Writing

5 Key Benefits To Journal Writing

Using notebooks or journals are such a simple but effective tool to improve your life. 

There is just something so satisfying and exciting about a blank notebook. It’s a fresh slate full of infinite possibilities. And you all probably know by now I believe in a life of infinite possibilities!

Science tells us that writing by hand uses different neural pathways that technology just can’t replicate. 

I enjoy using journals so much for all sorts of things, that I decided to put my art on some to really create a deeper connection.

I was so happy with how they turned out, I wanted to make them available to all of you as well. Three of my art works have become covers for three journals. Each has a positive statement or affirmation as well to provide some motivation and inspiration.

Here are some reasons why using a journal can change your life!

1. Morning Pages

I could write an entire book about why journalling is so good! I am sure there are books out there on this very topic!

Journalling is a very basic but powerful self-help tool that anyone can do, anywhere, anytime.


Set of 3 journals by Australian Artist Rose Hewartson


Have you ever done “Morning Pages’? Julia Cameron from The Artist Way recommends blurting out your thoughts onto paper as the first thing you do every morning. This brain dump can clear your mind for the day ahead and allow creativity to flourish.

Currently I also wake up and write my choices every morning before I get out of bed!

Journalling is also just a good way to get out of your own head. It can help you release emotions in a healthy, constructive way, find clarity and be a powerful reflective tool.

Nobody has to see what you journal! Just start writing anything that comes into your head and see where it takes you. If you struggle, there are many ‘journal prompts’ you can research and draw inspiration from to help you get going.


2. Goals

There is actual science that tells us that writing down our goals is a very powerful technique for change. I don’t pretend to understand the ins and outs but what I take away is that the act of writing cements them into our brain!

Getting our goals down on paper transforms them from vague desires to solid intentions. It’s the first step to making our dreams more concrete and real.

A notebook is a great place to record your goals, your action plans and to chart your progress. Doing this daily can really help anchor good habits and signifies a real commitment to ourselves.

Crossing out to do list in journal by Australian Artist Rose Hewartson

3. Dreams

Does anyone else have really vivid and wild dreams? Using a notebook to record our dreams can be a really interesting self-help exercise.

Writing dreams down before they become forgotten can help us find patterns and interpret the messages our subconscious is trying to tell us. This can be such a healing tool.

Over time, the record of our dreams can help us have access and insight into the deepest parts of ourselves. What a gift!!


Chase adventure today journal by Australian Artist Rose Hewartson 

4. Gratitude

Writing down five (or more!) things you are grateful for every day only takes a few minutes, but it is one of the best things you can do to shift your mindset and rewire your brain towards positivity and happiness.

Spending time every day to consciously focus on the good things in life and writing them down can help so much, particularly in difficult times. 


To make this practice even more powerful, really sit with each thing you have listed and feel into the emotion and energy of it, allowing your body to really feel how grateful you are.

Try it. It’s really quite magical!


5. Capturing Ideas

I’m someone that has ideas in the most random places like you probably do too. Like in the shower or when I’m driving the car.

 And I come up with these perfectly articulated sentences, thoughts and creative ideas. 

However by the time I get around to writing them down, it’s like they disappeared down the rabbit hole.

One of my ways to minimise the chance of my ideas turning into Alice in Wonderland is to have a notebook in every room of my home. Not even kidding. Okay, I definitely don’t have one in the shower but ya know what I mean.  

I also have one in my car. 

And no I don’t drive and write but as soon as I stop, I write that stuff down! 

Are you anything like me?

Capturing those moments of genius is so satisfying! {and yes we ALL have those genius moments}

Self-help and growth doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive.

It can be just as simple as using a notebook to record your ideas, goals, gratitude, dreams and thoughts. Making these things more tangible through the writing process can really help you move forward.

Sooo, tell me, what do you use notebooks for? Do you regularly journal? I would love to know. 

Ready to start your own daily journal writing practice?

You can find my 3 Favourite Journals Here 

Journal called No Limits by Australian Abstract Artist Rose Hewartson

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