My Story

Life was on a pretty standard trajectory. Living in Brisbane, Australia, raising two children, a 13 year old girl and an 11 year old boy. I was side hustling as a photographer for families and weddings and food photography.

My food photography had just been published in a few magazines and. I was making inroads on what I thought would be my “new career”.

We made a last-minute decision to change my son’s school a year earlier than high school and little did we know that this would be the beginning of two years of what can only be described as hell.

Our adventurous, happy go lucky and spirited child, turned into an angry, anxious, scared mess.

He could no longer shower on his own, sleep on his own, and was angry if you looked at him the wrong way.

To say this put us all under immense stress was an understatement. I felt so helpless and confused and became fixated on trying to find a solution to a problem.

I dived head-first into research. I researched nutrition, parenting, the nervous system, medical conditions. It took months and months of learning, relearning how to parent, learning how to cope, and just getting through one day at a time.

Fast forward about 18 months, my son was making huge improvements and we were overjoyed and hopeful that we had turned a corner. However, he was suddenly kicked out of school for saying the “wrong thing”.

To be honest, this was a relief because his stress had caused him to fall behind and he was struggling to keep up in some areas. And sadly, he wasn’t in a supportive school environment.

And there was no way we were going to put him back into a system that did not support his needs.

So, we choose the home school route. More specifically, the un school route. Which means he led his own education and I put everything on hold to support him. This was the best decision we ever made as he is now working full time as a 2nd Year Diesel Mechanic and is a confident, motivated 18 year old (at the time of writing this) and is as happy as a pig in mud.

During this whole process, I had done a ton of personal growth, read a ton of books and became passionate about helping others find a more authentic way of living - which ignited a passion in me.

But I knew that to be the best parent I could be - to both my son and my daughter – I needed something more. Something that filled my bucket and would give me the energy I needed to tackle life.

I have always been creative, and I have always (since I was a child) undertaken creative endeavours in my spare time.

One day I was being guided through a meditation, when it came to me that I would love to paint. I didn’t actually think about it much after that, however a few weeks later I found myself in an art shop buying paint and papers.

And that is where my journey as an artist started. Art enabled me to cultivate my creative needs which lead to a sense of fulfilment and purpose.

I loved the world of art so much that I decided to study creative arts therapy. I learned even more about the nervous system, healing and the power of art and creativity to facilitate healing.

So here I am today, passionate about art, passionate about authentic self-expression and passionate to help others achieve the same for themselves.