About Rose

Rose Hewartson: From Straight & Narrow to Unapologetically Abstract 

I believe in the power of creativity and its ability to transform your life.

Journeying through various creative pursuits, my craving for creative work drew me to evolve and embrace abstract art.

It was an enlightening process.

I had one of those epiphany moments (gotta love those) when I had the realisation that my art stood for freedom. 

I stand for FREEDOM

Freedom to live in a way that encourages growth. Freedom to express how we want to express. To be free to think for ourselves. Free from erroneous beliefs and societal conditioning. Freedom to return to our own authenticity.

It is profoundly simple. But definitely not easy.



What feels like a lifetime ago …

There were so many days I struggled to unearth my inner voice. 

So many days where I conformed. Can you relate?

I spent my formative years on the Gold Coast in the 70's with bobby dazzlers and bell bottoms as my regular attire. A time of freedom and expression. 

I hit the big smoke of Brisbane, Australia, to study nursing, then many years later became a stay at home Mum, raising two children with a side hustle as a photographer serving families, newlyweds, and my love of cuisine.

Life was on a pretty standard trajectory, when my adventurous, happy go lucky 11 year old spirited son, turned into an angry, anxious, scared mess.

This shift required me to wear the hat of advocate, nutritionist, researcher, educator and providing my son a high level of support.

To say this put me under immense stress was an understatement.

I knew something had to change. After 2 years of helping my son recover from his stress I committed to my own stress relief, self-discovery and personal growth.

One day, as I was being guided through a meditation, it became apparent that I had a desire to paint.

From camera lens to paint and canvas, my journey as a visual artist began.

And the epiphanies started. (art is a magical way to learn about yourself!)

And through art, meditation and bodywork I went on a massive personal transformation.

Art enabled me to embody a sense of freedom, and an ability to express myself creatively, in a way I had never experienced before, which lead to a huge sense of fulfilment and purpose.

I have evolved into an established abstract artist, creating primarily large abstract pieces and high-quality art prints.

I create art that embodies the essence of freedom, creativity, energy and vitality.

Why? Because my life is better because of that and yours can be too. 

 What would you like to get inspired by now?