Meet Rose Hewartson - Brisbane Based Australian Abstract Artist and lover of colour.

My art is raw.

It’s crazy, it’s wild and it’s expressive.

Each art piece is an exciting adventure into the unknown. I don’t choose the destination, but as I surrender to the journey and open my heart and mind, I am inspired with direction.

I follow the sparks of joy that light me up and I follow my intuition like a road map, with curiosity and trust. And of course, I enjoy the fun and freedom of creative expression and colour play.

Through my art process, I create rich textural feasts for the eyes and I use colour to stir the heart and speak directly to the soul.

On a deeper level, I explore what it means to be wild and free. I buck the system and say no to conformity.

I say no to the status quo. I stand up for the individual and their right to live how they want to live.

My art is an invitation to the viewer to step into their power and embrace all that they are. To be the best version of themselves, to be brave and show up as the person they want to be in this miracle we call life.

My art is an offering of connection.Not just through your eyes, also through your heart and soul - right to the core of your being.

It is my hope that you see my art from the depths of who you are, to let it impact you in ways you may not have even conceived to be possible. To create subtle shifts within, that grow into beliefs of endless possibility and a certainty of knowing there is more available for you.

Let my art be a daily reminder that every effort you make to show up as your authentic self, is all worth it.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson