Whether you are a diehard lover of colour, or new to the world or art, my mission is to provide you with honest, raw, vibrant and playful art and art prints to inject creativity and vitality into your home. You don’t do boring, right?


Each art piece is created to inspire you to experience your own sense of freedom and self expression. From bold gestural marks to delicate scribbles, each artwork consists of many layers of paint, marks and strokes, allowing you to immerse in the wonders of depth and texture. Each piece has its own identity and sense of movement.


What you choose can be a statement piece within a neutral interior, or a bold addition to an already adventurous space. Either way, its ability to transform your walls is unrivalled. Let’s get your home and your life bursting with creativity!

It's funny how we are ever evolving beings. I thought I knew what my art was about until I had an epiphany. It wasn’t what I thought. My art is a stand for FREEDOM. Freedom to live how we want to live. Freedom to express how we want to express. Freedom to think how we want to think. To be free to think for ourselves. Freedom to return to our own authenticity.

That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.

To create authentic art which feels free and intuitive, I tune into my body through meditation, breath work or even a walk in nature. I am open to all possibilities.

Once I access that childlike sense of play and wonder, I can express my raw, wild, fun, playful and free self. I experiment with charcoal, pastels, inks, acrylics, and collage. Using my hands to paint I feel intimately connected to the canvas. I have a philosophy of NO RULES when creating.

My goal is for my artwork to inspire your own creative expression, to evoke deep conversations and connections with other humans, and to restore a sense of play in your life. I imagine you waking up in your home, with a sense of aliveness.

My art is hanging out in homes locally (Australia), nationally and internationally.

You will find here Original Art pieces and premium Fine Art Prints full of detail, representative of the original painting printed to the highest standard.

Grab yourself a cuppa and take a look around, I am excited to send you your most favourite of favourites soon. Have fun choosing, let your imagination wander, and go with your gut feeling.