It all started with play.

All my favourite art starts with play.

Sketchbook and paints laying on the floor, I started playing with shapes, marks, lines. It's the sort of thing that you never really know where it will lead. There are no expectations in the process. I am absolutely having fun with no attachment to the outcome.

The next spark of inspiration came from the fact that I wanted to make some bigger marks on my large canvasses. I didn't own any brushes big enough so I had the idea to buy a small canvas and use that to paint with. I had a thought in my mind of dragging it across the painting.


I also remember thinking that after painting a lot of colourful art, I wouldn't mind doing a neutral series with a pop of colour. 

So I lay down some initial vibrant colours.

It didn't take long for me to go rogue - but I always follow my intuition even if I have an idea in mind.

My second step was to use my new fangled idea of the canvas to paint with. I layered it with yellow and white and basically smooshed it across the canvas in a large sweeping motion. 

I loved the effect.

I love it so much it was to become a common addition to a lot of paintings in this series.

I finished my first painting - however as you may have guessed  - it was far from being neutral with a pop of colour. It was full on neon, vibrant and bold!

Oh yeah, I forgot to add, on a whim I purchased some spray paint, (Artist quality) which I have never used before. Carrying my canvas out onto the grassy backyard I added some fluro pink, sending the vibrancy level up a notch or two.

I haven't worked in a series before, however after I finished the first painting and I definitely had the creative it to explore further.  I opened a new box of canvasses and got stuck in!

One day I packed up all my paints and took couple of canvasses down to my local park and spend the afternoon creating in nature. It's something I love to do and would love to do more of to be honest!


About half way through the series I decided on the name it "Heart on Fire" which I feel is perfect.

I explain a bit more in the description under each painting, but what I love is these are a visual representation of what it feels like to elevate the heart field. It's like an explosion of goodness, variety and something that words can't actually describe.

All in all, there are twelve paintings in this series. Three large ones ( the largest I have painted so far. ) and 9 smaller ones. 

They are incredibly happy, joyful and vibrant pieces that will be sure to make a statement in any room. I am so looking forward to seeing where they end up. If you love grey, beige and neutrals these might not be the paintings for you. Or you never know, maybe you will be converted! 

You can find the series HERE 


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